Poetry is a mirror which makes beautiful that which is distorted.

-Percy Shelley, A Defense of Poetry, 1821


Rhino REVIEW of Bright Stain


Unflinching, tender, and sensual, the poems in Francesca Bell's, Bright Stain reach straight for the aorta and never let go.  The poet asks nothing less than to face oneself honestly, yet with compassion.  

Blog Post

Maybe Time

Every couple of years, I strip down to my underthings and let my dermatologist and her two assistants check my entire body for skin cancer. I admit I feel weird and a little chilly, being the only nearly naked person in the room, but I have become basically comfortable in my body and benign toward it. I even have the illusion, before the doctor arrives to examine me, that I am still, well, kind of hot.


Video Poem

By Francesca Bell

Video poem of
"I Long To Hold The Poetry Editor's Penis In My Hand"

Rattle magazine presents episode one of their new video series "A Poet's Space". This month they feature Francesca Bell's funny poem "I Long To Hold The Poetry Editor's Penis In My Hand", which appeared in issue #40, Summer 2013.