Poetry is a mirror which makes beautiful that which is distorted.

-Percy Shelley, A Defense of Poetry, 1821


Massachusetts Review Interview

10 Questions for
Francesca Bell

Tell us about one of the first pieces you translated.
One of the first pieces I translated is a poem, originally in Arabic, by Bissan Abu Khaled, called “The Orbit of a Possibility.” Because I have no Arabic, I worked with a co-translator, Noor Nader Al A’bed, and this poem was the first very difficult poem we worked on.

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Maybe Time

Every couple of years, I strip down to my underthings and let my dermatologist and her two assistants check my entire body for skin cancer. I admit I feel weird and a little chilly, being the only nearly naked person in the room, but I have become basically comfortable in my body and benign toward it. I even have the illusion, before the doctor arrives to examine me, that I am still, well, kind of hot.

Poetry In The Wild


When the man sat down next to me at Starbucks, need coming off of him like a pheromone, I was quiet, having read, more than once, God save me from the well-meaning white woman, for he was a person of color—I wasn’t sure which color, but not a fucking white person like me...