Poetry is a mirror which makes beautiful that which is distorted.

-Percy Shelley, A Defense of Poetry, 1821


REVIEW of Bright Stain


Bright Stain is Francesca Bell’s debut collection and with great energy and ambition the poems cover a range of topics: sex, desire, motherhood, pedophile priests, religion, various historical and personal relationships, and aging.

Poem on Rattle


Standing before the newest-fangled
3D machine I open my gown to the tech
who leads me by my right breast
into position, cheerful but not particularly
kind, her job requiring a dedicated
sternness, the willingness to grab
what is private and lay it out…


Video Poem

By Francesca Bell

Video poem of
"I Long To Hold The Poetry Editor's Penis In My Hand"

Rattle magazine presents episode one of their new video series "A Poet's Space". This month they feature Francesca Bell's funny poem "I Long To Hold The Poetry Editor's Penis In My Hand",